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My name is István Beloberk, and I deal with amphibions and reptiles more than 25 years. While I got more and more experiences in the livestock, the building of terrariums,aquariums,backgrounds and artificial rocks wasn't a hobby anymore - it turned into an occupation. Nowadays the main line is the designing and building of practical decorative terrariums and artificial rocks.You can find the references of my works in some zoo, many pet shops and private houses and I often use to act on bigger european reptile exchanges.Regularly I breed some reptiles and frog species,you can watch their pictures here: "Animals".Please check the whole website! You can be a beginner or an experienced in livestock,here you will find correct animals, empty or furnished ornamental pools,live-corners,victuals and chances of free ads.


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István Beloberk
Phone: 0670-282-3904
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